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Robo Challenge Robot Wars For Hire

1hrs to 3 hrs Activity - (suitable for 10 – 400 guests - Indoors or Outdoors)

As featured on ‘The Gadget Show’ Robo Challenge is a mobile robotic combat system that gives you the chance to have fun in a ‘Robot Wars’ style battle zone.

Introduction & Demonstration

Our robo crew start the workshop with an interactive demonstration of Venom. With 600kg of crushing force this iconic robot inspires audiences and gets them prepared for the session ahead.

Robot Construction

The participants are split into teams and must work together to assemble their robots. During this stage of the activity delegates will select parts from a variety of components and decide where to bolt them on. With everything from motor positioning to wiring, this task promotes creative problem solving as the teams must create a machine most suited for the challenges ahead.

The Robo Challenge!

Once all the robots are ready it’s off to the arena where the teams will control their robots in a series of challenges to earn points. Every member of the team gets to control their creation which gives equal opportunity and promotes confidence in even the quietist of team players. The first round is a ‘Robot Wars’ style combat game and in the second round teams will compete in ‘Defend the Base’. In the final round teamwork is pushed to the max in the ‘Assault Course’! Until now, the teams believed they were competing against each other, however it isn't possible to complete the course without all the robots cooperating together. Much like everyday business where teams and departments must work together to succeed, its down to the participants to work out a solution – collaboration between teams is the only way to succeed in Robo Challenge!


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