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Strike Sword Fighting Team Building Event For Hire

Have fun as you swordplay in this Hollywood stunt experience, and see what it takes to (sword) fight like in the movies!

Dynamic, fast paced and fantastically different, you will need to work closely with a partner to co-ordinate a fight sequence that looks like it was straight out of ‘Game of Thrones.’

Learn the tricks of stage combat, and how to – blow by blow – make your fight scene as realistic as possible, in a completely fun and safe way. Kicking off with a safety talk, our professional fight choreographers will put you through your paces as you learn about footwork, parries (blocking incoming attacks) and attacks, and how to make them look convincing. This safety section normally lasts between 15 and 20 minutes.

Then in pairs, you’ll learn a short piece of choreographed fighting, and showcase what you’ve learned. Polish your performance and amaze your comrades with your daring duel. Cross swords, swashbuckle, and make like you’re in the movies. You’ll then swap partners and learn the other side of the sequence.

Film your epic fight scene, add in some acting, and receive your certificate to decree your ‘Defender of the Realm’ status. Relish the cut and thrust of this incredible stunt experience, and unleash your (play) fighting spirit with Strike.


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