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Strike Sword Fighting Team Building Event For Hire

A team building experience that will turn you into a ‘Game of Thrones’ star - and have fun while you’re fighting.

Our fantastic sword fighting package is a great way to blow off some steam as a group. As well as being something you don’t do every day, this experience is all about working with your partner, coordinating with each other and learning a new skill. We’ll teach you the tricks of stage combat - the art of fighting in a way that is completely safe. You will have seen these tricks in Hollywood films and BBC dramas without even realising - and now you can give them a go!

We’ll kick off with a very quick safety talk, and then we’ll teach you some of the tricks we use as professional fight choreographers. We’ll go through footwork, parries (blocking incoming attacks) and attacks, and how to make them all safe and effective. This safety section normally lasts 15 - 20 minutes.

We’ll teach you a short piece of choreographed fighting, and now’s your chance to show what you’ve got. Work with your partner on polishing the fight and having a go at fighting like they do in the movies! We also swap partners round so you get to learn your opponent’s side of the fight. The rest of the package can then be as long as you like!

You’ll get a chance to show your stuff, and film your epic fight scene on your phone (if you would like to). You’ll then receive your certificate from us, declaring you as Defenders of the Realm!

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