Dynamic Remote Conference Production Online

Our expert team have developed packages that incorporate the best elements of globally recognised and secure online systems. We recognise that it may no longer be necessary or practical for all of your delegates to gather within one space. However, nothing can ever replace the energy and positive impact of being personally present with your colleagues and team. To ease pressure on organizations and individuals, leading technology can support a seamless and inspiring delivery of your key messages.

Virtual Packages for up to 10,000 online attendees

The streaming process is HD and professionally managed to ensure stability and reliability.

We have a range of solutions depending on features, branding requirements and budgets of the event. All of these solutions allow us to send out links to a maximum of 7 concurrent presenters where they can share slides, and content and be mixed by our vision operator out onto the stream. The advantage of our managed packages is we can have multiple visual presenters together for panel discussions and place presenters over the top of slides rather than a standard gallery view.

Bespoke Virtual Platforms

Our highly bespoke virtual / hybrid event platform incorporates full web integration including breakout room management, online documentation and full presenter control.

These solutions ensure that you can still host spectacular live events, which are fully immersive for any non-attendees. Your content does not just need to be streamed into a ‘full capacity’ main plenary – but can also be pushed simultaneously through other areas of the venue, externally or to secondary event spaces.

Simple Virtual Solutions

We offer a range of virtual and hybrid services to ensure that we can provide everything you would need. We manage all of the presenters and complex technical elements to provide a very smooth running and professional meeting and to remove all of the stressful elements for you! Our packages offer solutions for up to 5000 online attendees, with a full HD streaming process using our extremely stable and reliable platform. We would simply provide you with a conference URL (and, if required, password) and you can email out this link to your attendees. Delegates can view the live stream in full HD on any device and can also view the stream post session if required.


Simple and Stress-Free´╗┐ Solutions for Seamless Delivery

Remote Presenters To Remote Attendees

Individual or multiple Presenters at any online location(s) to multiple online attendees. The Presenter uses their own laptop with on-board microphone and webcam. If slides are required, our platform can output picture-in-picture with slides and webcam feed.

Produced Remote Location Services

We provide a laptop, clicker and LED screen at each Presenter location. Presenters are filmed with a broadcast camera (live or pre-recorded), studio lighting and clear audio from lapel microphones. The stream will be presented as a either full screen camera or picture-in-picture.

Video Message Services, Filming & Editing

Should you wish to professionally record a message to relay to your on-line audience, we can provide filming, editing and even studio hire if required. We will edit the film for you and then either send to you to host on your own site or we can host your video for you on password-protected platforms. 

Remote Presenters To Live / Remote Audience

In this instance, we provide live camera relay at your event and also receive incoming feeds from your remote Presenters. These feeds can be shown on the projection systems either full screen or picture in picture with PowerPoint. This combined feed will also be streamed live onto our platform for your remote audience. Our streaming process is at full HD and professionally managed to ensure stability and reliability.

Interactive Session Add-Ons

In addition to our standard VC packages, we can also offer managed interactive sessions. These are highly bespoke and enable a huge range of additional features including live Q&A, polling, Panelist coordination with direct communication and full reporting and analytics for registrants and attendees.

PDF Download our Virtual Conferences Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.