Beatles Tribute Band For Hire

Imagine its 1963 and there's a show at your local theatre…

Appearing on the bill with Helen Shapiro, Chris Montez and Bobby Vee is a new band, with only one hit under their belt - The Beatles!

At this point in their career, The Beatles are rockin'. There isn't a band to touch them. After all the grueling one nighters in Liverpool and the long residences in Hamburg, the hard work is finally paying off and they blow the audience away with their sound - a fabulous cocktail of early Motown, Blues, Rock 'n' Roll and original material!

"Brilliant! I've booked them for another 8 shows!" Steve Haymer - Café Royal, London 

It is this sound that The Upbeat Beatles re-create. Raw powerhouse vocals, breathtaking harmonies and punchy tight musicianship - and in the world of Beatles tribute bands, there isn't a band to touch them! 

"It was like turning the clock back 40 years - fantastic!" James Albright - Leeds Castle 

Ask anyone who's seen The Upbeat Beatles and they will tell you! What you see is what you get - no tapes or mini discs, just three amps and a drum kit. It takes more than suits and wigs to re-capture the magic of The Beatles and one listen to the The Upbeat Beatles album will satisfy the most faithful Beatles fan! As well as a CD, we can provide you with a CD-ROM or video of the band live just to prove the point! 

"What a fabulous night - they really know how to get everyone on the dance floor!" Thistle Hotel - Brighton 

The Upbeat Beatles show is all about audience reaction and having a good time.... 


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