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Beatbox Workshop Team Event

Musical and Performing

Beatbox Workshop Team Event

5 - 500

Guest Numbers

15mins - 1 Hour






Totally astound your group

One person and a microphone is all it takes to totally astound your group… Perfect for conference ice breakers / energisers and as a longer team building experience, our expert beatbox artist will perform a variety of jaw-dropping sound effects and hypnotic drum machine beats to show the raw potential of the human voice. Then it’s your turn!

Under the professional guidance of our expert, your group will first learn the three basic sounds to create a strong groove foundation, before moving on to the many beatbox variations and the addition of well-known sound effects. Throughout this truly entertaining session, not only will everyone learn a new skill, but they will quickly adapt and personalize their own human beatboxing style. Of course, while this is all going on, there will be non-stop laughter and disbelief as participants see their work colleagues communicate in a very new way!

With the room totally buzzing with rhythm, we then add an unexpected new challenge.  Individuals, or even break out teams, have to self-compose a rap to perform on top of their beatboxing. We reassemble to have a head-to-head performance, hearing all the wild and varied versions! Anything can happen here and there is never a shortage of unforgettable and unexpected moments. Unleash your company’s urban poets over the sonic back drop of everyone beatboxing in an unbelievable finale. Human beatboxing will make you team look different, sound different and act differently… together!

To suit this young and fresh approach to teamwork, Baseball caps and T-shirts are available to get everyone looking the part from the very beginning – £POA

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