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Boomwhackers Team Building Activity

Musical and Performing

Boomwhackers Team Building Activity

5 - 2000+

Guest Numbers

20mins - 1 Hour






Energise, motivate and transform your group...

Enthusiastic, energetic and with lightning-fast reactions, our ‘Facilitator’ will conduct your colleagues into a cohesive and melodic group.

The Boomwhacker challenge is a fast paced musical activity that can energise, motivate and transform your group into a united and harmonious team. Perfect for conference ice breakers and energisers, these incredibly portable and colourful instruments are always a hit! Within seconds they can be handed out, and once struck, they produce a note.

With a little guidance from our Facilitator, what follows is a fast flowing session of melody and rhythm that will lift the energy of the room, leaving you feeling refreshed and focussed after your musical success.

Once finished, the Boomwhackers can be cleared away in moments, letting your team commence their meeting in minutes.

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