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Drumming Workshop For Events

Musical and Performing

Drumming Workshop For Events

10 - 2000

Guest Numbers

30 mins - 2 Hours






Expressive and collaborative...

Group drumming is inspired by team work and a love of music that anyone can take part in.

Incredibly fun and creative, ‘Drum Circle’ can enhance your team and their communication skills, helping your group and business thrive. Throughout history drumming has been used as a form of communication. From ancient tribes to armies of the world; from religious ceremonies to music therapy in medicine – rhythm surrounds and permeates every aspect of our daily lives.

Taking groups of between 10 to 2,000 people, we can effortlessly transform them into an exciting drumming orchestra! Supported by REMO (the largest drum company in the world) we can also offer you the largest selection of high quality instruments around. Within a very short space of time our superb Drum Facilitator (the ‘Conductor’) will get your group, playing music together and blending simple African beats with Samba rhythms.

Both practical and fun, our high impact ‘Conductors’ will energise the room, delivering new challenges to the team that will promote both commitment and focus. This creative workshop is a platform where individuality can be expressed, transforming your group into a high performance drumming team!

Benefits: Promotes high energy fun, highlight business messages, transcends hierarchy, age and cultural barriers, brings departments together, and creates a unique company sound.

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