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Virtual Magician – Paul Fowler


Virtual Magician – Paul Fowler

the perfect blend of virtual magic & mind reading

Paul Fowler Virtual Magician is an award winning professional providing virtual entertainment via live video call direct to your home or office.

Paul’s virtual entertainment packages are perfect for at home milestone celebrations and parties, as well as virtual corporate conferences and meetings. Paul has created the perfect blend of live virtual magic & mind reading. He will share his incredible virtual skills, leave you constantly guessing and will create memories that will last for years to come.

How it works

Pauls show starts with virtual housekeeping with information on how to best view the show virtually. Throughout the show Paul will use 2 forms of interaction, one via the chat facility and the other by interacting with individual screens (these screens can be specified before the show).

The show is suitable for all ages and a couple of the tricks allow everyone watching to take part interactively and collectively all at once. This means screens that do not get to interact individually still get to take part. There are no restrictions on screen numbers. Paul has performed shows for as little as 2 people and for as many as 500.

Guests can expect to

  • Create a dream holiday in their mind and Paul will have predicted this in advance
  • Be influenced virtually to make decisions that feel completely free
  • Name a playing card and that exact card is the only one Paul has been holding all along

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