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Terrarium Making For Events

Creative and Artistic, Green-Events

Terrarium Making For Events

5 - 100

Guest Numbers

1 - 2 Hours






Re-connect with nature

If you’ve ever wanted to build your very own self-sustaining living garden, then look no further…

In this relaxed, creative workshop you will re-connect with nature, learning the whys and how’s for making a self-contained living botanical environment. Inside your terrarium, your chosen plants will thrive off the moisture inside and will look after itself.

As part of the workshop we will teach you the fascinating history of terrariums before getting your hands dirty… Then you will be taught layering and planting techniques and get to choose the plants you’d like to include in your garden. Once built, we will run through some watering techniques and how to best position your garden, plus after-care advice too.

Enjoy being in the moment building your terrarium – collaborating with colleagues in a calm and focused session and the best bit of all, is that you get to take your creation back to the office to display on your desk!

What is included:

  • Kilner jar (to be transformed into your terrarium!)
  • Planting tools
  • Hard landscape materials and objects
  • Range of colourful plants
  • Terrarium workshop leader/s

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