Country Pursuits Team Building Activities

1hr to 8hrs Activity - (suitable for 5 – 250 guests - Outdoors)

Our multi-activity days offer an exciting mix of unusual driving, shooting, animal handling, inflatables and outdoor pursuits, suitable for any age group and ability. These activities combine to create one of the most exhilarating ways to develop relations with your colleagues and bond your group. The activities can be operated within any outdoor location - subject to venue agreement. We would be delighted to recommend possible venues to you.

After an introduction over coffee and safety briefing by our event compere, teams rotate around activities selected to meet your guest profile and venue. This event is normally run as a competition, with teams marked on ability, leadership and motivation. At the close of the day, our compere hosts an award ceremony with humorous spot prizes and winning team prizes.

Our team of instructors and event managers are friendly and supportive, making every effort to ensure that your guests feel comfortable, develop relationships with their colleagues, break though inhibitions and most importantly have a superb time.

We are very happy to provide just one or many activities. As an indication of the number of activities required for large groups, ideal team size is 5-12 participants, and each team requires a separate activity. For example a group of 50 delegates will divide into 6 teams and will require 6 activities throughout a full day.


PDF Our Country Pursuits Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.

Animal Handling Activities For Events

Experience these incredible animals for yourself. A light hearted and memorable activity.


Duck Herding - (minimum space: 25m x 25m)

One Man and his Dog’ has nothing on this! There is scope for much hilarity as guests try to control the collies and herd the ducks through an obstacle course, under instruction from a top sheepdog handler.

Geese and Duck Herding Video
Duck Herding

Gun Dog Handling - (minimum space: 35m x 35m)

Experienced, professional trainers bring a range of breeds such as Labradors, Spaniels, Pointers and Retrievers, along with puppies whenever possible. Guests have close contact with the friendly and approachable dogs, learn about, and participate in training methods from simple obedience to challenging retrieves. There is also a complex agility course to be completed as a team relay against the clock. Always a popular part of the Country Pursuits event.

Gun Dog Handling Video

Ferret Racing - (minimum space: 35m x 35m)

An original way to entertain your guests with these wonderful creatures. Guests become involved with the race, entering the ferret into the pipe course then dashing to the other end of the course encouraging their ferret to win the race. For added interest, Ferret Roulette is incorporated where the ferret is placed in a drum with a number of exits at the base and guests bet on which exit the ferret will appear from.

Ferret Racing Video


Under the supervision of our professional falconer, guests are invited to handle and fly these beautiful birds. Maximum participation and interaction with the birds is encouraged. It is an unforgettable moment when a Hawk swoops out of the sky and lands on your gloved fist! Falconry fits in well with a Multi Activity Day or as part of a Family Fun Day where displays can be held in a central arena.


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Driving Activities For Events

A once-in-a-life-time opportunity to experience the thrill and sensational power of motor vehicles. The day includes full training. Each activity is supplied with an 8ft x 8ft marquee or hospitality trailer unit, safety and support equipment, crash helmets and safety pads, course cones and obstacles, safety pit lane markers, circuit control flags and a Firebird Instructor.


Mini Tanks

Mini tanks are our newest driving experience. we operate three 6mile per hour miniature tanks measuring 1 m wide by 2m long, each driven by one person operating two hydraulic levers... just like the real thing. Each tank runs on rubber-coated steel tracks which are powered by a 13bhp Honda gx-390 petrol engine, allowing the mini-tank to negotiate just about any obstacle, even water!!!... and will tolerate inclines of up to 60 degrees!

Max Cats (pair)

It may look like something out of The Banana Splits but it’s a six wheel all terrain and amphibious vehicle. Your instructor sits along side for guidance and tuition as you negotiate our beautiful and exhilarating off road course purposefully designed to show off the great climbing capabilities of these versatile atvs. This is very much a skilled driving activity but really rewarding when you develop the knack.

Blindfold 4 x 4 Driving

A true test of teamwork and communication. The blindfolded driver is instructed by a sighted passenger and a slalom course has to be negotiated safely! Teams race against the clock with penalties being incurred for hitting any gates.

Honda Pilots

These off-road buggies were originally designed for dune racing. They have a phenomenal rate of acceleration and the driver is fully protected within a roll cage. Despite their advanced design, pilots are simple to drive, with fully automatic hand operated controls. Guests race against the clock over a flagged course. The pilots can also be used for team building where the crew participate in a "Team Relay". Versatility and speed make Honda Pilots one of our most popular driving activities.

Honda Pilots Video


Experience the feeling of flight with these twin cylinder 2-stroke 500cc single seater hovercrafts. Steering these machines requires skill and agility, so by the time that you have negotiated our figure of eight course you will be a true professional. Single seater hovercrafts create an unusual and unforgettable experience.


Designed and built by an ex-Army Engineer, these exciting 2 seater buggies have to be controlled by two coordinated drivers using levers to power each of the two separate engines. Quick acceleration produces 'wheelies' but small drogue wheels prevent them from flipping over. You will be amazed at the performance of these extraordinary and unusual machines.

Powerturns Video

Quad Bikes

Master the art of the quad bike by embarking upon a course that will include a slalom, ramps, seesaw and hill climbing. After a practice, you will compete in a timed race and earn extra points for skilled driving.

Quad Bikes Video

Racing Lawn Mowers

All the thrills of motor racing brought to you via these fantastic high-tech lawnmowers! Our engineers have converted real mowers into exciting racing machines. Modifications include the fitting of a race seat and Formula 1 style steering wheel. Participants will race against the clock, and as a Team Challenge we can include an obligatory pit lane tyre change. This activity is hilarious fun… Watch out for ‘Garden Rage’!

Reverse Steer Land Rover

Our specially designed Land Rover is designed to confuse the driver! Turn the steering wheel left and the vehicle goes right. Guests have to negotiate a tricky course without hitting any flags. Circuits are timed to establish the event winner.


Segways are two-wheeled, self-balancing, environmentally friendly machines which take riding to a whole new level. The Segway requires no special skills as it takes care of the balancing, and virtually anyone can use one. With street based and off road machines available, there are a multitude of activities Segways can be used for. From off road adventure trails, treasure hunts, 5 a side polo and even egg and spoon races, the limits and fun are endless.

Segways Video

Rage Buggies (pair)

Really fast and great fun, an off road buggy with an excellent chassis combined with long travel suspension satisfying a need for speed. It has a reduction gearbox, which has an ATB differential (with optional reverse) and a torque converter system widely used on many other ATV machines. The engine is a 670cc 24hp v-twin which gives good performance and a top speed in excess of 50mph. This is probably our most popular motorised activity and it’s easy to see why once you’ve done a lap and felt that adrenaline pumping.


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Shooting Activities For Events

These skilled shooting activities require a steady hand. Our professional operators will instruct you in these sports of Kings. Each activity is supplied with an 8ft x 8ft marquee, safety and support equipment and a Firebird Instructor.


Axe Throwing

An unusual and fun activity. Test your accuracy and skills as you try to hit the wooden target.

Axe Throwing Video

Archery & Crossbow

Have a go at this medieval sport which tests hand to eye coordination. Allow your instructor to turn you into the next Robin Hood or Maid Marion (Green tights optional). Archery has been used for centuries in competition, so why not put your skills to the test against your colleagues.

Archery & Crossbow Video

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Using de-activated 12 bore shotguns fitted with laser technology, it is possible to experience the thrill of clay shooting without the expense and danger of the original sport. Our friendly and expert operators will ensure that everyone can take part, making laser clay shooting suitable for any event. The laser system is extremely accurate, and calculates your reaction time enabling a variety of different challenges including speed shoot, skeet and speed skeet. The activity can involve up to five participants at any time, and an electronic scoreboard keeps tally.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Video

Semi Automatic Pistols

Aiming for a series of targets, semi automatic pistols are a fun and exciting weapon; great for shooting enthusiasts of any standard.

Semi Automatic Pistols Video

Target Paintball

Make your way down a 30ft walk way lined with props and obstacles. As you approach, targets pop up around you. Are your reactions quick enough to hit the targets before they disappear? Can you score 100% on this exciting challenge? Paintball guns are safe, making this activity suitable for most ages.

Target Fly Casting

Fly casting is a skill and a challenge. Using professional rods, you must try to hook various targets. This activity captivates the thrill of fly casting without you having to get wet!

Clay Pigeon Shooting

One of our most popular activities, and with good reason. It is truly a sport for all. Our qualified, professional clay pigeon shooting instructors will help your guests to achieve results well beyond their expectations. The shooting layout is designed to be possible for novices and yet challenging for more experienced shooters. Each stand includes a professional, qualified shooting instructor, safety cage and trap, suitable guns, hearing protection, up to 500 clays and low-recoil cartridges.

GNAT Shooting - Shoot radio-controlled model aircraft!

Clay Pigeon Shooting, with a difference! The GNAT offers a new and exciting challenge to shooting enthusiasts. It is a target like no other, capable of speeds up to 100 mph and aerobatics to confound the experts. It has the flexibility to cater for all standards of shooter, ensuring fun for everyone. Scores soon start to mount up, as direct hits set off explosive pods fitted to the aircraft, giving a highly visual effect. Maximum bonus points are achieved by blowing the target out of the sky! Teams use conventional shotguns and cartridges, and this activity comes complete with safety cages, guns, cartridges, hearing protection etc, plus a pilot and technician with plenty of GNAT targets and a minimum of two professional shooting instructors.

Cannon Firing Range

Each group works as a team, aiming, loading and firing the cannon at the fortress target. For large groups requiring faster throughput, two weapons are used simultaneously, requiring two instructors. Instructors are dressed in appropriate historical military costume.

Muzzle Loaders

Black powder shooting (flintlocks, blunderbusses etc) – a fascinating insight into shooting of a bygone era, with genuine antique weapons and instructors in period costume. Lots of colour, noise and smoke!


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