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Crashing Waiters For Hire

30 Minute Activity - (suitable for up to 350 guests - inside)

Surprise your guests with the hugely popular Crashing Waiters. Mingling with your guests, our professional musicians will pose as waiters, bar staff, the chef or Maitre d’.

After a while your guests will notice that some of the ‘waiting staff’ are nosier than expected. After a cacophony of crashes, guests will find that a rhythm has been created. Using kitchen utensils, water butts, metal trays and body percussion, The Crashing Waiters will serve up beats, tempos and rhythms, stunning your guests with an amazing ‘Stomp’ like performance. Then it’s your guests’ turn to try it out, with table-to-table competitions getting everyone involved.

Crashing Waiters is a fast paced, fun and interactive musical act at the top of its game, and perfect for everyone.


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