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An impressive and exciting departure from reality, The Escape Room is the ultimate immersive problemsolving team activity. Grab your most trusted comrades, sharpen your mind and senses, and see if you can outwit The Escape Room!


Locked inside our bespoke structure, each team will be transported into a 1940'S abandoned hospital. Teams must work together and work fast, searching through patient notes and belongings to find the puzzles and clues that will lead them to their escape. The aim of the game is to escape before the morning med round begins. Do you have what it takes to escape?


Our tabletop escape game is the most portable escape game on the market. Taking all the fun and challenges of an escape game, we have condensed it down to a tabletop challenge.  Split into teams, players are working together for one last score, taking on the roles of professional bank thieves to crack into the safe, solving a series of puzzles and clues along the way.  A local bank's security has grown pretty lax as of late and you know it's the perfect time to strike, but you must work fast, as you are not the only team of criminals after this perfect prize! After overcoming the initial problem of escaping police custody, your team must complete the challenges in order to get the security code of the bank’s safe. The first team to do so will be taking home the gold!


The outdoor escape game can be set up in most outdoor spaces, no longer confined to a room, this escape room style experience will have you racing to solve clues in the great outdoors. This game encourages teams to work together in a pressure-cooker environment as they compete in a head-to-head race with colleagues and friends. At each checkpoint, there will be a puzzle or clue to put your team to the test.  Be the first team to solve all of the puzzles and return to base to claim victory!


Your managing director is nowhere to be found. The authorities have been searching high and low to locate her whereabouts but to no avail. Your team has had a very successful year and with one last deal on the cards that will blow your competitors out of the water, all eyes are now turning to your rivals. The authorities have suspicions that a rival company may be to blame for her disappearance so you decide to take matters into your own hands. After hours of deliberation, the plan is now finalised. You break into their HQ during the security teams change over, to find your MD handcuffed to a desk in a secluded back office. You know you have 60 minutes to secure her freedom before the security team return and take you down as well. The pressure is on, can you free her in time?!


By commandeering your offices, breakout space, conference room, or unused meeting room, we will transform your workplace or venue into an exhilarating escape room experience. One night you and your team are working late, trying to get a head start on the Johnson account. As the clock strikes MIDNIGHT AND you prepare to leave, something strange happens and you suddenly find yourselves waking up hours later in your now ransacked office. Files and documents litter the ground, the phones are not working and the computers are down.  Worse still, the doors have been locked. Something strange is happening and you need to get out fast before things become worse.


Hotel Room Homicide can be set up in any hotel bedroom. In this escape room team-building challenge, we give a hotel room a CSI-style makeover and turn it into a bloody crime scene, complete with clues, props, and puzzles you would find in any traditional escape room.  Your team will become the lead investigators in the mystery of the murdered managing director. A passerby witnessed the murder through the door left slightly ajar and has informed the authorities.  Blood-soaked clothes, potential murder weapons and a variety of clues, lay between you and the criminal at large. Follow the clues and solve the case before the trail runs cold and your reputation goes down the drain.


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