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iPad Movie Making Team Building Event

A fun and creative film making event where teams direct, film and edit a movie using an iPad Air.

Take one… Direct, act and edit a movie, using iPad Air, in this fun and creative filmmaking event.

Teams are given a short brief on the subject of their films, but you choose the medium - short film, documentary, music video, comedy sketch, promotional film or advertisement. Then it’s time to get creative as teams plan their storyboard and assign roles to their team, deciding who will be the Director and who will be in charge of filming, sound, costumes, location, acting and editing. Armed with tripods, lighting and microphone booms, and with access to our extensive collection of fancy dress costumes and props, teams then get into the ‘zone’ to film their movies.

Once the films are ‘in the can’ teams edit their movies using pre-installed apps, where they can zoom, cut, and add simple film effects. They can also choose from a bank of sound effects and music to create their soundtrack. As a fun finale, teams’ movies are shown on our large screen, with the winning team receiving their prizes in a closing awards ceremony. We can also award spot prizes for categories such as ‘best costume’, ‘best editing’ and ‘best actors’.


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