Virtual Escape Room

An impressive and exciting departure from reality, The Escape Room is the ultimate immersive problem-solving team activity. Grab your most trusted comrades, sharpen your mind and senses, and see if you can outwit The Escape Room!

During the virtual escape your team's problem solving skills and communication will be tested. Guests must work as quickly as they can to be the first to escape, by solving cryptic tasks, riddles and puzzles.

Our Event Manager will be on hand throughout to greet guests, arrange the teams into breakout rooms and guide participants through the activity.

With 60 minutes to escape and three stages to progress through, time is of the essence and teams must work together and communicate. While working fast teams must also make sure to be precise and pay attention to details to make sure no clues are missed.

Analyse evidence, unpick cryptic messages and work out which clues may be decoys.

Using our app, augmented reality and image recognition, this is our most interactive virtual activity with guests having the opportunity to click on objects to help them unlock clues, and ultimately to escape!

Can you escape before time runs out!


PDF Our Virtual Escape Room Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.