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Apprentice Team Building Activity

Competitive Events

Apprentice Team Building Activity

10 - 100+

Guest Numbers

2 - 3 Hours






Test your business acumen...

‘The Apprentice’ meets ‘Dragon’s Den’ in this exciting and enterprising team building activity. Testing skills and business acumen, teams go head- to-head to impress The Boss and get hired.

The brief is to invent a new product that will blow the competition away! Teams are tasked with being creative, understanding the customer and their needs, staying within budget, and most importantly, working together as a team. Each team will complete a set number of challenges with a different ‘apprentice’ leading the way. The number of challenges depend on you and your time available.

The challenges are:

INNOVATIVE INVENTIONS – Using materials provided, create a working prototype of a new invention.

BATTLE OF THE BRANDS – Teams must turn their product into a brand, giving it a catchy name and logo.

MARKETING PLAN – Teams must decide on how to market their product or brand – where will it be sold and how to engage with and attract their target market.

COMMERCIAL BREAK – Teams use props and costumes provided to compose a 30 second advert.

SHOW ME THE MONEY – Teams must then calculate a Recommended Retail Price that will make them the best profit.

TRASHY FASHION – Teams design and create an outfit out of bin bags, ribbons, tin foil and other craft materials.

At the end of the session each team will be “Pitch Perfect” pitching their product, brand and marketing strategy to the judges before performing their advert in a fun finale!

Over the debrief teams are given the chance to answer the judges’ questions before THE BIG BOSS makes a decision. Be prepared for some criticism as teams are ‘sacked.’ Finally the team, or individual, who has impressed the most, will become THE APPRENTICE!

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