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Candle Making Challenge

Creative and Artistic

Candle Making Challenge

10 - 150

Guest Numbers

2 - 3 Hours






Ignite your brand...

Teams must invent, produce and market a new brand of candles.

The candle making business is on fire at the moment, as an interest in self-care, home décor and room fragrancing flourishes. Everyone from top fashion  houses to independent, artisan boutiques are entering the candle market.

Teams begin by inventing their new product. With a wide range of moulds, containers, colours and fragrances to choose  from, teams can let their imaginations run wild, creating anything from novelty gift candles to high end, relaxing aromatherapy spa candles. Teams then ignite their brand by giving it a catchy name and designing and making the packaging.

Ingredients and materials are priced, so teams will need to keep an eye on costs and decide how they will price their product to make the best profit (note this is fun money, not real money!)

Teams then pitch their product, brand and marketing strategy in a presentation to the judges and, as a fun finale, teams perform their own advert!

What  is  Included;  Event  manager,  team  building  instructors,  candle  making  tools, candle fragrances, essential oils, dyes, craft materials, information packs, table covers, gloves, aprons, props, costumes, team packs, stationery and fun prizes.

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