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Champagne Workshop

Cuisine And Drink

Champagne Workshop

10 - 100

Guest Numbers

1 - 2 Hours






How to taste fizz...

This fun and light-hearted introduction to Champagne and sparkling wine is a sure way to get an atmosphere fizzing, and is a great way to entertain as a pre-dinner activity.

To get everyone’s taste buds warmed up and ready for the hedonistic experience to come, it’s time for your first glass of fizz. Soon you and your guests will be taking part in immersive tasting games, learning skills from some of the world’s top bartenders whilst, most importantly, having fun!

How it works …

RECEPTION DRINKS – Upon arrival guests are shown to their seat and served a glass of Champagne.

TEAM INTRODUCTION – A brief description of each of the major types of sparkling wine will be followed by a tutorial on how to taste fizz, using the reception drink as a guide.

TASTING CHALLENGE – Now it’s getting serious! After 5 ‘blind’ tasting challenge rounds, teams must try and guess the type of fizz, country of origin, price range and three tasting note descriptions.

FINAL PRESENTATION – Using your newly acquired knowledge of all things Champagne, teams will be asked to create a marketing campaign for the fizz they have been allocated, and present it to their peers!

WHAT IS INCLUDED: A qualified Champagne expert (plus assistants for larger groups), Sparkling wines to taste: Cava, Prosecco, non-alcoholic sparkling wine, Champagne, vintage Champagne and prizes.

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