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Cheese Workshop

Cuisine And Drink

Cheese Workshop

10 - 500

Guest Numbers

1.5 - 2 Hours






Become a cheese connoisseur...

We warmly welcome you to our ‘Great British Cheese’ event, showcasing some of the finest cheeses our country has to offer!

In this fascinating cheese tasting session (with optional wines), we will talk guests through the cheese making process and explore cheese’s rich history, dating back thousands of years…

Today there are literally hundreds of variations of cheese, with even more regional influences on each variety, defining many cultures with popular and quirky names, such as ‘Stinking Bishop’, ‘Ticklemore’ and ‘The Drunken Hooligan’.  Many of us here in the UK are unaware of the sheer variety of cheese we have on our shores, that would easily compete with any of our neighbouring countries in taste and quality.

Accompanied by chutneys, fresh seasonal fruit, crackers and continental breads, guests will learn how to correctly taste a variety of cheeses, learning about the tasting map on our tongues and a little bit of science, including the olfactory nerve, which links memory to smell, which is the key to tasting cheese!

By the end of the session your guests will be cheese connoisseurs!!

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