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Chocolate Factory Challenge

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Chocolate Factory Challenge

10 - 500+

Guest Numbers

1 - 3 Hours






Invent a brand new box of chocolates!

Indulge in our Chocolate Factory Challenge where teams go head-to-head to invent a brand new box of chocolates!

First, teams must create their chocolates. With a wide range of ingredients, teams must choose which type of chocolate to use and which fabulous flavours to fill them with. Once you’ve decided, it’s time to get chocolatey! Combine and create your fillings and then smother them in melted chocolate. Icing, toppings and sprinkles make your chocolates complete.

Then it’s time to develop your brand – name, design, price and packaging. As all ingredients and packaging materials are priced, you’ll need to keep an eye on costs!

Teams must then pitch their product and marketing strategy to the judges and perform their own advert as the fun finale! Bonus points can be earned by completing additional fun team games. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team, and everyone can take some of their creations home with them.

Aim of this chocolate coated team build – to encourage innovative thinking, develop business skills, stimulate creativity, improve time management, demonstrate budget control, promote healthy competition, build team spirit, develop communication skills and have fun!

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