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Chocolate Making Workshop

Cuisine And Drink

Chocolate Making Workshop

10 - 60

Guest Numbers

1 - 2 Hours






Dip into the sumptuous world of chocolate...

Learn what it takes to become a professional chocolatier! Indulge in and create your own exquisite chocolates in this Wonka-ful workshop.

The workshop begins with a demonstration from our Chocolate Chef (best job ever?!) Guests will learn some fascinating facts about chocolate and the art of tempering to create an irresistible shine. They will then watch and learn how to make their own delicious chocolates. With milk, dark and white chocolate and a wide variety of ingredients and toppings available, guests can choose their preferred flavours and design their own chocolates.

Guests can experiment with flavours, by mixing their own fillings, and then create a selection of chocolates such as caramels, flavoured creams and ganache truffle. Guests then top off their creations with a selection of toppings and hand finish them with piping and decorations.

Finally, guests proudly package up their hand made chocolates into a box to take home (if they get that far!)

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