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Circus Workshop For Events

Creative and Artistic

Circus Workshop For Events

5 - 150

Guest Numbers

2 - 3 Hours






Experience the thrill of the circus...

Forever playing the clown? Always wanted to experience the thrill of the circus? Well here’s your chance to learn the skills needed to be part of one of the ‘greatest shows’ around.

Needing concentration and self-assurance, our workshop offers a genuine learning experience and confidence booster for everyone. Working in pairs or small groups, individuals are able to observe and learn from people within their own team. As well as building confidence, self-esteem and developing teamwork, it also helps with co-ordination and learning as both the right and left side of the body and brain are needed to successfully fulfil the activities. It also helps people deal with fear, how to react to the unexpected, and how to happily plunge feet first into the next challenge.

  • JUGGLING – The process of learning to juggle is a metaphor for many aspects of business life. Here, you will discover techniques for learning any new skill – breaking tasks down into more manageable goals. Juggling is usually seen as an individual skill, but within this workshop the emphasis will be on both group and solo juggling. We actively encourage participants to inspire each other through sharing skills and creating their own routines.
  • DIABOLO – Once you have learnt the basics of the skill and have been taught throwing, catching and other simple tricks, you will be paired up – passing diabolos between each other. It requires synchronised timing and precision, so clear, consistent communication is crucial to succeed.
  • STILT WALKING (HAND HELD) – Learning how to use stilts is like re-discovering how to walk. There is a small degree of risk, but confidence can be built up very quickly. Once basic walking is mastered, participants will move on to applying everyday movements. Colleagues will need to hold your hand for this one, literally.
  • PLATE SPINNING – Always very popular, and fairly easy to learn. After being taught the correct way to spin a plate, you’ll progress to throws, passing, balances and other tricks. A very satisfying skill to learn.
  • BALLOON MODELLING – Almost any shape, animal or object can be created using specialist balloons. From individual balloon models to giant group sculptures. Our facilitators will show you just how easy it can be, when you know how!
  • TIGHTROPE WALKING (SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY) – Using a low-wire that is 50cm high, under constant supervision, tightrope walking is a safe and achievable skill. To walk the tight-wire requires great balance and an ability to stay focused at all times.

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