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Caricaturist Workshop

Creative and Artistic

Caricaturist Workshop

5 - 35

Guest Numbers

45 mins - 2 Hours






How do you doodle?!

If you have ever wanted to draw like a street artist or caricaturist, you’re in luck. Drawing caricatures at speed is extremely challenging, but also very rewarding and fun.

Suitable for beginners and experienced artists alike, this crash course in caricaturing by one of our UK’s top artists, is guaranteed to bring out the cartoonist in everyone, with lots of laughter and participation along the way.

This workshop combines practical demonstrations with hands-on tuition by a professional, but light hearted host. Even if you can only draw a little, you’ll be guided step by step, through the cartoonists craft: from drawing basic shapes, to how to build them in to energetic cartoon characters.

You’ll learn how to ‘see’ a caricature, how to break down a face to its distinguishing features and how to distort them in a lifelike way, what to exaggerate and what to leave out, how big to make ‘that nose’ and when to scale it down! You’ll learn techniques on how to evolve a cartoon, how to inject it with ‘life’ and then adapt it to any situation.

With an emphasis on positive thinking and how to look at the human face, this workshop is challenging, rewarding and fun for everyone. You will learn how to acquire confidence in your abilities and how to realise your ideas on paper, understanding how to laugh at yourself and that not everything has to be perfect!

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