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Wall Street Challenge Team Building Activity

Tactical And Cryptic

Wall Street Challenge Team Building Activity

10 - 500

Guest Numbers

2 - 3 Hours






Noisy, fast and furious!

Welcome to the ultimate trading challenge…

The aim of this exciting challenge is to BUY, SELL, BUILD and make loads of money! Designed to test your business skills and build teamwork, Wall Street will have your team strategizing, negotiating and forecasting the next big thing.

Once your team has made a profit from buying and selling, you can purchase materials to build your corporate towers. With endless twists and turns, no tower is safe, until the trading bell rings!

Dominated with screens, our Wall St Brokers will boom out deals and gesticulate from trading platforms; emulating the noise, buzz and excitement of the trading floor.

Using your team to keep ahead of the game, you must buy and sell at optimum times if you want to win, but make sure your building regulations are in place, or you’ll get a hefty fine.

The team with the most money from property and shares will be crowned the winners – our very own ‘Wolves of Wall Street’!

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