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Collective Solutions Team Building Event For Hire

2 – 3 Hour Activity - (suitable for 30 – 200 people, indoors or outdoors)

Teams visit activity areas where they will complete part of a challenge. The challenges are on-going, so one team picks up where another left off. After each session, teams will have to communicate effectively in a short hand-over period so that the following team can continue with the project. Only when all teams have visited the activity can the challenge be completed! Then of course, we’ll look at all completed projects to show what can be achieved with collaboration, team work and a group effort!


The Activities

  • The BIG Picture- Each team paints part of a picture. When all teams have completed their artwork, the picture will later fit together to make one group masterpiece!
  • Paper Projects - Each team contributes towards creating a dinosaur skeleton (anatomically correct of course) out of paper rods!
  • Loony Balloons - Each team contributes towards creating a scene made entirely of balloons!
  • Piece of Cake - Teams must decorate an elaborate cake! The first team will set the scene and the following teams will add their contributions to the cake in order to create a group show-stopper! Cakes then be stacked into an impressive tiered team cake extravaganza!
  • Comic Strip Capers  - One team begins a comic strip. As the rest of the teams follow, who knows which direction the story will take?!
  • Collective Conundrums​ - Teams attempt some of our mental conundrums. (Will the last team be left with all the hardest ones?!)
  • “Over To You” - Teams film part of a movie, advert, news report or music video using iPads and iPad filming equipment and making good use of the props and costumes. The following teams must continue the story and the finished movie can be shown at the end of the event.
  • One Track Challenge (optional finale) - Teams build a section of a Hot Wheels track that will later fit together to make a fun, fast obstacle course!
  • Roller Coaster (optional finale) - Teams build sections of a roller coaster that will fit together to make a fun fast finale!


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