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Crack The Code

Cross between an escape room and race against the time activity!

In this fast In this fast-paced prison-themed escape room style activity, you and your team will be given 45 - 60 minutes on the clock to solve all of the puzzles and break in the governor’s office and escape over the wall.

With a variety of activities that are mental, hands-on and creative, the challenge is designed to keep teams engaged in this classic race against time

Expect to be immersed in the race to escape prison as you break out of your prison cell, decipher puzzles and conundrums to win points for your team! Not only are you racing against time and the other teams but you are also trying to discover who is the "corrupt" prison guard.

Throughout the event, you will collect digits in order to make your way into the governor’s office. What will you find when you finally break in... get ready for the finale where all teams go

head to head in a race against each other to build something that will allow them to escape over the wall and be crowned the winners of 'Cracked It!’ Do you think you have what it takes to escape?


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