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Crystal Maze Team Building Activity For Hire

2hrs – 3.5 hrs activity - (suitable for 10 – 200 guests, Indoors or outdoors)

A Crystal Maze themed event where teams compete in a range of team building games in order to win the most crystals

Teams visit activity zones that are categorized Physical, Mental, Mystery and Skill. In each zone there are a number of themed team building games and activities for teams to complete. Challenges are varied to suit all skills and are specially designed to encourage attributes including communication, logic, co-ordination, problem solving and time management. For each challenge teams are awarded crystals depending on their performance. The more crystals teams earn, the more time they will have in the finale. In a fun and exciting finale, teams enter the inflatable crystal dome! Teams must work against the clock to collect as many of the gold tickets as possible as they are blown around in the dome.


The Challenges:



  • Team Tower - Teams must work out how to re-build the tower on an opposite space without placing a larger block on top of a smaller block.
  • Camping in the Dark - Team members must follow verbal instructions from a team mate to assemble a tent whilst blindfolded!



  • Well Balanced - Team members must pass differently weighted objects to each other without tipping the see-saw.
  • Slide and Seek - Teams must solve the giant slide puzzle. Only when the pieces are in the right place will the crystal be uncovered!



  • Toxic Waste - Teams must work out the maths formula that will allow them to divide up some extremely hazardous substance so that it is safe for disposal
  • Library Logic - Teams must work out how to arrange the books correctly on the bookshelf.



  • Stocks & Share - Team members place their hands in the “stocks” and complete the jigsaw as a team.
  • Team Skis - The whole team must position themselves onto the giant skis.
  • Bank Job - Teams must communicate and share information to solve the mystery.


The Finale

  • The Crystal Dome! - In a fun and exciting finale, teams enter the inflatable crystal dome! As the fans blow the tickets around teams must collect as many gold tickets as possible while avoiding the silver ones!


What’s Included: specially made team building games, PA system , crystal maze music, team packs, stationary, bonus team games  and prizes

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