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Survival Team Building For Hire

2 - 3hrs Activity - (suitable for 10 – 50 guests - Outdoors)

Embark on a fascinating journey of discovery and survival with one of our bush craft experts. Our Island Survival activity has been designed to develop trust, improve communication and develop a strong team identity, whilst of course having lots of fun!!


Survival Mission: To develop trust, establish structure and achieve a resilient team, who are able to return from the experience more agile adaptable and flexible. 


The Result: Your team will return from the event with new transferable skills, that will result in positive outcomes, improving team cohesion.


Example Format

Introduction and Welcome – An overview of the day with an amazing interactive story about one of the world’s most famous mountaineering survivalists

Navigation – An insight into navigation, compass bearings and map reading – teams have to navigate their way around the grounds to find their survival pack

Knot Skills – Teams learn a range of knots used in survival for the likes of raft building and alpine mountaineering

Wild Food – A simple introduction into how to find what’s edible in nature

Knife Throwing – Learn an ancient form of hunting and see who can hit the bullseye

Water Purification – How to source and purify water that’s drinkable and could essentially save your life

Stretcher Rescue – Create a stretcher to carry a casualty to safety purely from natural resources

Shelter Building – Build a shelter from natural resources capable of keeping your team safe and dry overnight

Fire Lighting – Learn amazing skills of how to light a fire without a naked flame (subject to venue permission)

Prize Giving & Awards – Survival gadgets for the winning team, plus a special prize for the survivor of the day


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