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Hostage Rescue, Team Building Event

Want to know what if feels like to be in the ‘Special Forces’? Teams will be given extensive training and the mission of rescuing a hostage, held captive by a hostile group.

Having been issued with your Special Forces kit, you will spend ‘Phase One’ of the session learning how to handle weapons under the control of our expert instructors. This includes the art of, sniper shooting, unarmed combat and axe throwing. Machine gun training follows, with our air-soft assault rifles in a close quarter battle environment. Perfecting the methods of room clearance and operating in open areas. After -the techniques have been mastered you are now ready for your mission.

The hostage rescue culminates by assaulting the enemy location, where you must maintain the momentum with a ruthlessly efficient rescue operation to release the hostage unscathed! All our staff are experienced team building event instructors, many with Military / Special Forces backgrounds, so you can be sure that you will have a fun and exciting day in a safe and controlled environment.

It is important to note that this activity is weapons based. During the raids at the end, our event staff will be wearing balaclavas and brandishing blank firing pistols, that look and sound like real guns. There is also a fair amount of shouting during the raids, so they do look and sound quite aggressive, which is all part of the theatre. If possible, we will also set off smoke grenades, but can keep these in a mess tin to ensure the ground is not scorched / marked. It’s therefore paramount that the raids especially, are in a fairly private area so that they don’t cause alarm to any other guests.

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