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Urban Jam Team Building Activity For Hire

2hrs – 3.0 hrs activity - (suitable for 10 – 100 guests, indoors or outdoors)

Urban Jam is all about; modern expression, creative thinking and the passion for delivering. Get Funky!  Get Connected! & Get With It!

Your group, of any size, will experience a selection of new and surprising challenges. They will rotate around three exciting urban creative arts. Your street wise ‘crews’ will eventually re-meet to combine all their perfected skills into one dynamic urban performance. Each creative zone is led by our professional Firebird instructors who will support and inspire everyone. Entertainment and laughter are combined with total focus and fast paced action to master each zone. See, feel and hear each other as never before with some hilarious team moments guaranteed. After each 40 min rotation, the finale combination of all three activities expertly pieced together will raise the roof to surpass all group expectations.   This 2-3 hour event brings superb colour, energy and music to any day.

  • The breakdown - After allocating teams and our brief introduction, individuals can first graffiti customize their team baseball caps or T-shirts. Now looking as hip as possible, it is off to their first rotation.
  • Junk funk - Create a pulsating junkyard orchestra with contemporary rhythms with everyday junk objects.
  • Street moves - Get your bodies ‘poppin’ in this snappy routine learning wicked street moves and shapes from our professional street dance choreographers.
  • Human beat box and rap - Compose some home grown rapping lyrics and sound like the funkiest drum machine ever.
  • The finale - With everyone having tried everything, we reconvene now as one team and combine all three activities together. Your URBAN JAM finale will not be forgotten.

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PDF Our Urban Jam Team Building Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.