Virtual Art Masterpiece Activity

We have adapted and enhanced our market leading Big Picture activity to create an immersive, addictive and creative activity that has become a hit with virtual teams worldwide. Release your inner Rembrandt or go wild like Warhol in our art-based team building activity. Your team will create a piece of art or company logo composed of many handcrafted, smaller sections.

At the beginning, each team member receives a section of a famous piece of art or company logo. Their job is to recreate that section using whatever products or materials they have available. Against the clock and with the ‘big picture’ always in mind, you will be amazed at everyone’s ingenuity. Once all pieces are edited together, we reveal the complete work in dramatic fashion!

We usually hold a short video conference briefing, to make everything clear to the participants. Then, it is over to them to get as creative as possible, with almost anything! Pasta, Lego, magazine cuttings, clothes, and even make-up, have all been used. This is what “adapting to survive” is all about and when “delivering for the team” really counts! During this activity, we encourage remote participants to connect with each other to discuss colour, techniques or textures to assure a cohesive end result.

When we receive photos of each finished section, they are carefully edited together and revealed back to everyone with great fanfare. The completed virtual work of art can be printed and framed for the office or sent to each contributor as a fun event memento. Different departments or even entire global regions can get involved, which could culminate in a conference slideshow of everyone’s artwork, or even a beautifully-printed coffee table art book.

We offer many different options with our art-based virtual team building events. For example, instead of recreating well-known artwork, why not recreate your company’s logo or an image specifically associated with your organisation or department? This could make a unique screen backdrop for a future company conference. Alternatively, consider our ‘What’s in a Word Company Mosaic’ activity. After a quick energiser on Zoom, we set the challenge for everyone to think of just one word that describes how it feels to be a Company team member. In the 20 minutes given, participants need to quickly reproduce their individual word using anything they can find around them, such as pasta, grass clippings, clothing or scrunched-up paper, and then send a photo of the image to us. Our team collates all the images to form one amazing picture.


PDF Download our Art Masterpiece Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.