Virtual Soap Making Masterclass

With all this hand washing going on, what could be more appropriate than learning to make stunning handmade soaps?! And bar soaps are eco-friendly too, helping to go packaging-free and having a far better carbon footprint than bottled liquid soaps.

Hosted by our expert soap maker, guests will be guided through each step from preparing the mould, melting the soap, adding dyes and fragrances and creating stunning visual effects. Ingredients have already gone through the saponification process so there are no dangerous chemicals to worry about. Guests can simply enjoy the artistic side of creating fun designs. Guests can make a range of soaps such as a novelty rubber duck soap, loofah soap, soap with embedded shapes and cake soaps using natural colours and fragrances.

As a bonus task, teams can also make their own alcohol gel hand sanitiser. At the end of the activity guests will have a beautiful set of soaps to give as gifts or to make hand washing more fun! We’ll also give each guest some information sheets to take away, so that they can continue to explore their new-found soap making talents at home and spread the germ-free joy!


PDF Download our Soap Making Masterclass Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.