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No occasion is complete without the thrill of a spectacular firework finale. Our incredible displays will inspire and enthral, and our category 4 fireworks will make a BIG impact on your guests! Category 4 fireworks are the largest professional pyrotechnics available. They can only be fired by licensed operators and are therefore rarely seen at private events. Various packages are available dependant on your budget, our most popular designed to offer a constant barrage of booms, bursts and effects are:

Package One (approx 6 minutes)

Perfect for the true enthusiast, this package is 6 minutes of pure firework heaven. An incredible 400 shot aerial barrage fills the sky with Brocades, Crackling Willows and Crossettes. Fired from 3 locations this is a jaw-dropping explosion of colour. As Strobes and Horsetails rain down, 2 Golden Fountains and 3 Strobe Fountains rush up to meet them in a cacophony of light, it’s then the turn of the Bengal Lights to take centre stage. Your guests will clap and cheer as the fantastic 150 shot finale explodes across the sky.

Package Two: Approx 6 minutes

A strong 6 minute display that features the magnificent criss-crossing palms of gold and silver rain. With 530 aerial shots, fired from 4 locations, this wider display is a feast for the eyes. Crackling Willow Shells add to the magic, whilst 4 Gold Fountains and 4 Strobe Fountains provide the exhilarating mid-air action. The Bengal Lights bring the glow back to ground level before the shows grand finale – 300 shells of exquisite colour, exploding to stunning effect.

Package Three: Approx 7 minutes

This powerful 7 minute display will impress with 650 aerial shots fired from 5 locations. Introducing some larger calibre display bursts alongside some astounding colour effects, this package is, unsurprisingly, one of our most popular. This intense display will light up the night sky in blazes of colour, and have your guests both amazed and mesmerized. Our 400 shot grand finale is so awe-inspiringly beautiful that it may even bring a tear to eye!

Package Four: Approx 8 minutes

Providing all that our above packages deliver, and more, this eight minute extravaganza packs a heady 1040 aerial shots into its display. Breath-takingly impressive, a show of this magnitude is rarely seen outside of an arena. Mesmerisingly beautiful, our 400 shot grand finale will astound.

Package Five: Approx 10 minutes

This ten-minute display has it all. A sophisticated and stunning array of 1352 aerial shots are fired from six locations filling the sky like a masterpiece of pyrotechnic artistry. Peonies and Crackling Willows will follow Brocade Crowns in rapid succession. Whistling Fish will dance through Crackling Palm Trees, to say nothing of the 4 Golden Fountains and the 4 Strobe Fountains fanning across the night sky in a glorious race. Our show-stopping, eye wateringly impressive 484 shot finale, is simply heavenly.

Package Six:  Approx 10 minutes

The crème de la crème of our firework packages, this 10 minute display is the ultimate showstopper. Firing a staggering 1608 aerial shots from 6 locations, we have incorporated the very latest technology and effects to have arrived in the UK. Red Strobing Stars and Brocade Willows will follow Brocade Crown Mines in rapid succession, whilst multi coloured Comets streak through Colour Peonies, Golden Fountains and Strobe Fountains, and that’s just for starters! Silver and Gold Willows will light up the sky with their intricate and beautiful patterns to much applause. Seen to be believed, the unprecedented 540 shot finale is unforgettable. Barrage after barrage, the fireworks keep coming, growing in intensity, speed and colour until the display’s breath-taking climax. A feast for the senses, this package will leave you and your guests simply awe-struck.

What happens if it rains?

Our crew can produce your show in the rain or the snow. The only weather that would cause a display to be cancelled is extremely high winds. Most venues have an indoor area from which your guests can comfortably view the fireworks in the event of bad weather.

How late can I have fireworks?

In the UK the law states you must not set off fireworks between 11pm and 7am. The exceptions are: Bonfire Night, when the cut off is midnight and on New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year the cut off is 1am.

Need more?

Longer shows can be arranged at your request and can be designed to suit your personal requirements and budget. Our fireworks can be combined with lighting effects and lasers and we can also design special firework messages and logos to commemorate your unique occasion – POA. We can also provide event security, tannoy systems, outdoor lighting, control barriers and on-site paramedic services, if required.

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