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Designed for maximum creative entertainment

Perfect for any event, our games and attractions will impress and entertain your guests from day to night! Fun and inclusive, your party will be as memorable as it will be unique, with the addition of any number of our games and attraction, all our activities are maintained to the highest quality, conforming with regulatory safety standards and procedures. Our electrical activities hold a valid PAT certificate and most activities are operated, by a friendly and enthusiastic Firebird operator.

Popular games include: casino tables, giant Scalextric, selfie mirror, photo booth, 360 video booth, sports simulators, crazy golf, Batak, table football, air hockey, assault course, climbing wall, workshops, arcade games, fun fair rides / stalls, inflatables, virtual reality, pub games, food / drink tricycles, axe throwing, giant games, slides, crossbows, pool table, archery, laser / real clay shooting, falconry, duck herding, ferret racing, gun dog handling, segways, powerturns, 4 x 4 driving, Honda pilots, rage buggies, mobile farm, quad bikes and much more…

Casino Tables

Play like a pro, recreate the atmosphere of Vegas and Monte Carlo and get your pulse racing with a gamble on our impressive casino tables. Whether your game is Blackjack, Roulette or Craps, you can enjoy the night in style and get frivolous with our fun money. From a small dinner party to a large conference, our professional, friendly and experienced team can transform your venue into a top class casino. Price includes full size tables, croupiers, chips and Firebird fun money.

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Enjoy the fast and furious fun of Brands Hatch, Le Mans and Monaco… in miniature! Test your speed, agility and thumb reflexes, as you jostle for pole position on our giant custom built race track. Pit yourself against your guests, and hope you make it to the chequered flag first. Spraying Champagne into the audience to celebrate, is up to you!

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The Big Piano

Working together to play a tune on a giant piano has never been so much fun! No prior music knowledge is needed, but co-ordination and agility is the key to successfully playing your song in this high-energy and engaging activity. Our software tells you when and where you play, but with up to 10 people ‘playing’ at a time, and with our big pianos ranging in size from 4.5m to a whopping 7.5m long, it’s easier said than done! Points are awarded for correct notes and enables you to run the activity as a tournament, complete with leader board, to add to the excitement. With a collection of piano classics, pop songs, Christmas songs and James Bond themes, we have most tunes covered, but if you have a specific song in mind, please let us know so we can programme and add it to our catalogue ahead of your event.

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Dream / Selfie Mirror

Interactive and fun, our Dream Mirror can perfectly capture your guests’ personalities and your party’s mood. Step in front of the mirror and you’ll be invited to ‘touch the mirror.’ Customisable messages will be displayed and then up to four pictures taken. Sign your name, or write a message on the mirror and ‘voilá’ – your personalised pictures can be printed out, as fantastic mementos of the day. Ideal for group shots or selfies, your photos can be as serious, styled, or silly as you wish – and as it looks just like a mirror, so you can polish up your appearance at the same time! For the ultimate personal touch, the photo print outs can be personalised with names, venue, date, logo, or a message for your guests. The unit comes complete with a friendly Firebird attendant, unlimited prints, fun props and a digital download of all the photos.

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Photo Booth

Our sleek, state-of-the-art digital photo booths are, in our opinion, the smartest and best looking around. Your flattering, hi-res images will print in a matter of minutes, and are a great memento for your guests. For the ultimate personal touch, the photo print outs can be personalised with names, venue, date, logos, or a message for your guests. The unit comes complete with a friendly Firebird attendant, unlimited prints, fun props and a digital download of all the photos.

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Rustic Selfie Pod

Photo Booths haven’t always been the most stylish thing in the world, and we were on the look out for a selfie pod that sings in harmony with your chosen décor. We wanted to offer an option with a slight frame and neutral style that could suit all themes. Our brand new Rustic Selfie Pod is the perfect option for a simple and stylish way to capture and print memories of your event. Compact and portable, this design features an impressive 4k DSLR camera, instant mobile phone sharing, stylish oak design, studio flash quality images, built-in instant compact printer, 6 backdrop options including: dark wood, green foliage, pink, plain white, white gold Gatsby and white wood. For the ultimate personal touch, the photo print outs can be personalised with names, venue, date, logos, or a message for your guests. The unit comes complete with a friendly Firebird attendant, unlimited prints, fun props and a digital download of all the photos.

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360 Video Booth

The 360 video booth experience is a state-of-the-art attraction designed to create a lasting impression for event attendees. Our latest sensation is the 360 Booth. This service completely tears up the rule book for what a Photo Booth should do and how it looks – we absolutely love it! Up to 5/6 guests stand on our 4 foot circular platform, and are then circled by a camera, which takes a high definition, low angle, slow motion video. This can also be set to create a boomerang-style effect. Once the rendering has completed (in approx 6 seconds), the software uploads the videos to an online gallery and guests can also have the link emailed over to them straight away. Not only can you brand your template, choosing from over 100 base designs, but you can also brand the e-mail, online gallery, welcome screen and even the platform.

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F1 Simulators

Our ever-popular F1 style simulators have just been updated and refreshed to help us run multiple events.​The single-seater seating style ensures that the drivers get the most realistic and immersive experience of driving some of the world’s fastest and impressive cars. There is an opportunity for our graphical team to add plenty of branding to the simulators, both inside the racing game as well as on the simulator itself. ​Multiply simulators are available create some head-to-head racing too! We have up to 16 simulators available and from experience we love how much fun multiplayer simulator racing can be. You can also add the very latest virtual reality (VR) technology to our simulators for the most immersive racing experience outside of the real thing.

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GT Simulators

We’ve just taken delivery of some brand new GT and touring car style racing simulators perfect for your next event. ​The GT and touring car hire simulator range presents a realistic and immersive experience for those that get to experience them at events. ​There is also the opportunity for our graphical team to add plenty of branding to the simulators, both inside the racing game as well as on the simulator itself. You can also add the very latest virtual reality (VR) technology to our simulators for the most immersive racing experience outside of the real thing.


This is one of the most exciting and addictive games available for corporate entertainment and promotional activities. Participants must strike each of the targets as quickly as possible when they illuminate randomly.

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Formula One Car

With a number of race options our F1 simulators can be linked together to make a sensational multi-player game. Formats can range from 3 minutes in the driving seat to full length races alongside 21 other GP aces.
Produced under licence from an original F1 car and combined with some force feedback racing controls make this product a dynamic approach to your event.

Virtual Reality

The HTC Vive virtual reality headset takes VR to the next level. Utilising a sophisticated array of sensors including a front facing camera on the headset which can blend real world elements into the Virtual environment providing for a more realistic and interactive virtual experience. Also included are two wireless controllers designed to be used in each hand by the user adding the ability for gesture based controls or interactivity with objects within the virtual environment.360 degree motion tracking allows the HTC Vive to know where the user, headset and hand controllers are within the virtual arena. We provide the HTC Vive equipment with high end PC and Large screen viewing platform for the audience. This system is arguably the best virtual reality experience with its room scale technology and wireless controllers with the ability to add Rackets and Bats for sporting VR software experiences.

Roll A Ball Racing

Roll up to that classic British attraction, Roll A Ball! Take part in that classic fairground activity as you Roll and Bowl your way to the finish line. The horses, reindeer or football players are lined up at the start and away you go in the Kentucky Derby. Complete with built-in lighting, sounds and commentary, score points by bowling the balls provided through the designated coloured holes. with 4 players battling it out, the more points gained, the further you move along the derby track!

We can also provide Roll A Ball Football and Roll A Ball Reindeer

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The Vault

Attempt to unlock The Vault by cracking the “secret code” in just 30 seconds! Using the hand-held trigger, try to stop the orbiting white light in a red “locked” zone. Great for testing hand-eye co-ordination and reactions! Progress through all 5 digits of the code and you win! Select one of the four difficulty levels. To begin with it may seem easy but as you complete each level the difficulty increases – your light will spin faster and the target zones will become smaller making it harder to crack The Vault. There are a 4 difficulty modes so the game is perfect for all ages and abilities. With its theming The Vault is perfect for Spy/Secret Agent or James Bond Themed Events. As its very quick to pick up and play, very addictive and only takes up a small amount of space it also works very well on Exhibition Stands as something a bit different.

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Air Hockey

The aim of this game is to knock the puck, with a paddle, into your opponent’s goal as many times as possible. You’ll need to be quick on your feet to manoeuvre around our 7ft foot table in this fast and furious two player game. An electric score counter keeps tally, so you can concentrate on the match, and the first to score 10, wins. Incredibly fun and popular with people of all ages, this game is very fast due to the fact that pucks travel on air that flows up through perforations in the table from a fan situated underneath it. Great for playing as a team, players can swap once a goal is scored, so every member gets a chance to participate.

Table Football

An absolute classic, players can test their agility and speed as they spin their players to defend and score…Goal! First to score ten are the winners. Fun for all, our fantastic tables are great for any event, and will have your guests queuing up to play.

Table Tennis

Are your shots fast and furious, or are you more of a slow and steady player? No matter your ability, our full sized, professional tables will ensure your guests have a great time – and they always draw a crowd! Complete with 4 bats, net and ball, you cannot fail to enjoy a ‘smashing’ good time with a table at your event. Also referred to as Ping Pong, our tables are ideal for both indoor and outdoor events, and we are also able to provide multiple tables for your event – tournament time?!

Pool Table

Fancy a game of Pool? Perfect for large or small events, our tables will provide hours of entertainment for your guests, especially when used in conjunction with other ‘pub’ themed table games. Whether you’re a hustler or you rely on pot luck, pool is a great game that brings people together – and is as much a spectator sport as it is for the players. Our fantastic, professional Pool tables are 7ft x 4ft and are perfect for indoor events where space is limited. Included in the hire are two full sized Pool cues, a triangle and chalk.

Chaos 4 Player Strike A Light

Our BRAND NEW Chaos Game is a 4 player version of the ever popular and incredibly addictive Strike a Light Reaction Test
Game. Players must touch the lit buttons as they illuminate, however in a twist to the norm – the buttons can change through a variety of player colours as they move around the board creating “Chaos”! Up to 4 players can go head to head on this fast paced game of speed and reactions with the first player to 100 points taking the win (or 30 seconds whichever happens first).

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Motion Simulator, Plane & Helicopter

Using a professional Joystick along with pressure-sensitive pedals combine to feel every detail of flight behaviour. X-Plane 11 Global software in conjunction with our Motion Rig Simulator is the worlds most comprehensive and powerful flight simulator offering the most realistic flight model available. Not a game, but an engineering tool that can be used to predict the flying qualities of Helicopters, fixed and rotary wing aircraft with incredible accuracy. Because X-Plane predicts the performance and handling of almost any Aircraft, it is a great tool for pilots to keep up their flight hours flying like the real plane and a chance to explore the world of aircraft flight dynamics. X-Plane contains subsonic and supersonic flight dynamics, allowing users to predict the flight characteristics of the slowest aircraft or the fastest. More than 30 aircraft, spanning the aviation industry and its history from the Bell 206 Jet Ranger and Cessna 172 to the Space Shuttle and the B52 Bomber.

Coconut Shy

A traditional favourite, everyone loves to try their hand at a Coconut Shy! With 3 wooden balls, you have three opportunities with which to try and knock a coconut off its pole. Skill and precision are what’s needed in this game for all ages. Knock it off and you get a coconut to take home with you. Do you have what it takes to win and enjoy the sweet taste of success?!


Enjoy all the fun of the fair in this classic game for all the family. With targets raised at various levels on a table, you have 5 chances to throw a hoop over these targets. If you succeed with securing a hoop over 3 or more targets, you win a prize. Encouraged and inspired by our friendly operator, everyone will go away with a smile, if not a prize.

Hook a Duck

Simple and fun, yet still one of the best. Ebbing along with the flow of water, our rubber ducks move round the ‘duck pond’ waiting to be hooked. With only a few of the rubber ducks marked with the winning “W”, you must test your luck in order to find the right duck. With up to four players at a time, each hooked duck marked with a “W” will win a prize.

Cork Shooting Stall

Sometimes known as Tin Can Alley, our Western style Cork Shoot stall is always extremely popular with guests. The aim of the game is to knock down as many tin cans as possible using only a cork gun and corks. A real test of skill, this game is fun and challenging for all.

Ball In A Bucket

Getting the ball in the bucket is the easy part, trying to get it to stay in the bucket is trickier! Frustratingly fun, this game will have all generations competing to keep the ball in the bucket, with prizes for the skilled players who can. Colourful, fun and perfect for all abilities, this game is ideal for keeping your guests entertained and is great for both indoor and outdoor events.

Bucking Bronco

Hold on to your boot straps and have a wild west of a time trying to stay on as our Bucking Bronco spins, twists, turns and bucks to get you off its back. As much fun for the spectators as it is for the riders, this attraction allows children from 12 years old, through to adults, to a have a go at rodeo. With your safety a priority, our friendly operator is there to make sure you have a safe and fun turn, with a speed setting that is right for you. And when you’re eventually ‘thrown off’, you’ll land on an inflatable mattress that surrounds the bull! Perfect for all occasions, be spurred on by the crowds and ride the Bucking Bronco like a cowboy.

Bungee Running

Test your strength against our bungee rope and be catapulted back when our bungee rope wins! Wearing a body harness that’s attached to bungee ropes, you must wait for the start and then run like blazes, placing your marker as far down your inflatable lane as possible, before the bungee rope pulls you back. With two participants, it can start to get a little competitive – and is great as a team event! For safety purposes protective helmets and neck braces must be worn, but the inflatable setting does make for a soft landing. Indoors or out, this is a fun activity that is perfect for sports themed parties and team events.

Gladiator Jousting

Harness your inner gladiator and see what it took to be on the 90’s lycra clad TV show. Immensely popular at all types of events, this is a test of your balance and mettle, and you’ll need to use both strategy and strength in order to win the duel. Facing your opponent whilst on top of a podium, you must centre yourself before the fun starts. Using an inflatable jousting pole you must jab, block and avoid strikes from your challenger with the aim of knocking them off their plinth, before they topple you! Fun, fast and hilariously entertaining, this is an activity that is a lot harder than it looks. In order to keep everyone safe and the fun flowing, participants must wear head gear and neck braces. Your inevitable fall from the podium will be softened by our large inflatable mattress underneath.

Surf Inflatable Simulator

Be as happy as a clam as you find yourself riding imaginary waves and feeling like a real surfer, on our Surf Simulator. Enjoy the thrills and spills of the high stormy waves on our life-sized surfboard, without getting wet! Whether you’re a pro, or an absolute beginner, there’s a setting for you – our friendly operator has full control. Testing your balance, you must try and stay on the surfboard for as long as possible, but if the waves get too much to handle, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll have a soft landing thanks to the inflatable surround.

Inflatable Human Table Football

This large inflatable version of the popular table top football game is one of the very best on the corporate market. The higher sides on our deluxe inflatable ensure the ball remains in play a lot longer thus allowing teams maximum play time and the aluminium poles on our version make the gameplay much better than the bungee/rope strap alternatives. Human Table Football is the ideal corporate activity suitable for all ages and abilities – no previous football experience is required as the nature of this game ensures everyone is on a level playing field! For larger scale tournaments we can now supply two pitches!

Inflatable Volley Ball

Our Giant Inflatable beach themed Volleyball Court is impressive and incredibly fun. Two teams of 5 bounce around as they try to keep the ball up in the air and over the net to the opposing team. Our referee with their flexible rules will also add to the fun! To contain the action, the inflatable pitch has a netted surround, with inflatable coconut and palm trees at each corner and yellow base, to make you feel as though you’re at the beach! Perfect for sports themed events, parties, fun days and team events – this activity is extremely popular and ideal for all ages.

Crazy Golf 9hole

Complete with ramps, novelty hazards and obstacles your guests will have a great time with our Crazy Golf course. Ideal for all year round fun, the course can be set up both indoors and out, and comes complete with golf clubs (both adult and child sized), multi-coloured balls and score cards, in case you want to get competitive! Fun for any age, our friendly operator is keen to give you tips and tricks to make it round the course on parr.

Climbing & Abseiling Wall

Can you climb to the heights of our eye-catching and awesome 7.3m high Mobile Climbing Wall? Featuring automatic belays, it allows up to 4 individuals to climb at the same time, in complete safety. With various routes to choose from, we can find a challenging climb for pros and novices alike. All the skills required for climbing will be demonstrated by our friendly experts. Please note: This activity is based on a trailer unit and will need space to maneuver into position. Suitable for participants over the age of 5.

Hungry Hippos

Bring all the fun of the classic board game to life in this live action version – where you are the hippo! Wearing safety helmets and strapped onto a bungee cord, you must fight the bungee cord (which is trying to pull you back) in order to get to the centre to collect as many balls as you can. As with the original – whoever has collected the most balls is the winner!! Our giant Hungry Hippo inflatable game is a four-player game and can be run competitively alongside a selection of our other games, or as a more relaxed attraction. Our enthusiastic team members will be on site for the duration of your event, briefing your guests on the activity, drawing guests onto the inflatable, running competitions and keeping scores (if required).

Human Wrecking Ball

The Wrecking Ball is a brand new concept sweeping the nation by storm. This fantastic game is a test of balance, timing, skill, stamina and sheer determination.  Stand on elevated platforms and knock each other off. Catch the foam ball and launch it at your opponents. Be the last one standing to be the winner!!

Rush Slide

Climb the stairs to the top of our giant slide, then zoom back down to earth – experiencing ‘the drop’ means an exhilarating fun slide every time.


Our beautiful merry-go-round is a gentle and traditional ride that’s ideal for all the family. No fair is complete without a ride on the Carousel.


A fairground classic, the music, lights and bumps make for a truly memorable ride. Great for most ages, young children can ride the Dodgems with an adult driving, and as kids get older – and can reach the pedals, they can drive themselves. It’s a marvellous mayhem filled ride!


A popular and exciting ride, this is not one for the faint hearted! This ground-based ride sees individual cars spin independently as the whole platform also rotates. With a large number of cars, this is a great ride to keep your guests entertained. For families and young children, we can adjust the speed of the ride to suit.

Ferris Wheel

A beautiful and gentle ride, the Ferris Wheel has been entertaining families and couples at fairs for forever. Popular with all ages, this is one ride where all generations will be happy to take their turn. You’re perfectly placed to see all the action of the event taking place underneath, and a great vantage point to enjoy some spectacular views.


Have a go at this Olympic hand-to-eye coordination sport, and allow your instructor to turn you into the next Robin Hood or Maid Marion (green tights optional!) Archery has been used competitively for centuries, so why not pit your skill and judgment against your crew. All bows used are approximately 25 pounds recurve. Suitable for participants age 16 and over.

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Laser Clay Shooting

Using de-activated 12 bore shotguns fitted with laser technology, you can experience the thrill of clay shooting, without the mess or danger of the original sport, making it suitable for any event. Extremely accurate, the laser system can calculate your reaction time, so challenges such as speed shoot, skeet and speed skeet can all be undertaken, competitively, if you wish. This activity can involve up to five participants at any time, with an electronic scoreboard keeping tally. Suitable for participants over the age of 12.

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Axe Throwing

An unusual and satisfyingly fun activity, which harks back to medieval times. Test your accuracy and skills as you try to hit the bullseye. Suitable for participants over the age of 16.

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Although Crossbows date back many thousands of years, most people have never actually used one before and revel at the chance to try something new. Crossbow shooting requires concentration, precision and skill and you will be provided with a range of targets on which to hone your aim!

Sniper Shooting

Using our high powered telescopic air rifles can you hit the target? Full tuition is given and a variety of different shooting challenges are set whilst you compete against your fellow snipers!

Clay Pigeon Shooting

One of our most popular activities – and with good reason! A sport for all, our qualified, professional and friendly clay pigeon shooting instructors will challenge and help your guests achieve amazing results, whatever their experience. Each stand includes a professional, qualified shooting instructor, safety cage and trap, suitable guns, hearing protection, up to 500 clays and low-recoil cartridges. Suitable for participants over the age of 14.

Duck / Geese Herding

Ideal for those who go ‘quackers’ over our feathered friends. Who knew that herding ducks and geese could be so tricky? There is scope for much hilarity as guests try to control the collies and herd the ducks (or geese) through an obstacle course, under the watchful gaze of a top sheepdog handler.


Behold the majesty of these Birds of Prey. Under the supervision of our professional falconer, guests are invited to handle and fly these magnificent birds. It is an unforgettable moment when a Hawk swoops out of the sky and lands on your gloved fist!

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Gun Dog Handling

Experienced, professional and friendly trainers bring a range of dogs – Labradors, Spaniels, Pointers and Retrievers – to interact with your guests. Learn about and participate in training with these sociable and approachable dogs – from simple obedience to challenging retrieves. You can also complete a complex agility course, competing in a ‘Team Relay’ against the clock – a very popular part of the Country Pursuits event. Our Gun Dog handler can also provide a Ferret Racing Finale as part of this package free of charge– see Ferret Racing description.

Ferret Racing

These wonderful creatures love to race, so it’s fun for all. Ferret Racing is a fun and light hearted activity that can be added to our Gun Dog Handling at no extra cost (subject to availability) or as stand alone activity. Our Instructor will run through the strengths and weaknesses of each runner to help you choose your ferret. Boasting such charismatic heroes as: “Cheeky Chainsaw Charlie”, The Infamous “Johnny Knuckles”, The Mean “Big Bad Bubba” The Perfect Gentleman “Polecat Pete” and a host of others.


Fun and surprisingly nippy, the self-balancing, environmentally friendly Segway is an experience in itself, and can be used by virtually anyone. Test your mettle and your driving skills as you take on our obstacle course. Can you keep cool, calm and in control when you’re against the clock? Keep on track and the most skilled of Segway drivers will earn their team extra points.

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Quad Bikes

Master the art of the quad bike with our obstacle course – you’ll need to get to grips with our slalom, ramps, seesaw and hill climbing. After a practice, you will compete in a timed race and awarded extra points for skilled driving.

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Honda Pilots

Originally designed for dune racing, these off-road buggies have a phenomenal rate of acceleration. Despite their design, Pilots are simple to drive with fully automatic hand operated controls, and a roll cage for the drivers protection. Guests can individually race against the clock on a flagged course, or can compete in a ‘Team Relay.’ Their versatility and speed make Honda Pilots one of our most popular driving activities.


Working together and coordination is key to driving these Powerturns. Designed and built by an ex-Army Engineer, these exciting 2 seater buggies have to be controlled by two coordinated drivers using levers to power each of the two separate engines. Quick acceleration produces ‘wheelies,’ but small drogue wheels prevent them from flipping over. A fun ‘team’ drive, you will be amazed at the performance of these extraordinary machines.

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Rage Buggies

Fast and furious, this off-road buggy likes a bit of speed, thanks to its chassis and long travel suspension. With a top speed of in excess of 50mph, the 670cc 24hp v-twin engine is a good ride. It has a reduction gearbox with ATB differential, with optional reverse, and a torque converter system.

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Apache Rally Cars

Arguably one of the most exciting experiences you’ll get! The Apache Rally Car has been designed to allow you to drive very fast and sideways (drifting) whilst in complete safety. Drifting in style is a skill that is not only rewarding when achieved but is exciting to watch and with our instructor sitting beside you, it is a skill that you will try to master. If indeed you can master the controlled slide you are in for one of the most exciting experiences you’ll get. Whilst being a very powerful piece of kit the Apache is incredibly easy to drive and is easily adapted to dual control therefore enabling non-drivers to have a go.

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