Dance Floor and Stage Hire

We have provided dance floors, stages, catwalks and podiums to some of the most exclusive parties, fashion shows, events and conferences throughout Europe for over 15 years. Our stages and dance floors are kept in an immaculate condition and are polished at every event to maintain our high standards. We have a wide range of products and services in stock and our designers are also delighted to create custom installations – staging and flooring of any size, shape and colour. We can even create rotating or lifting stages for that extra special impact.


Our dance floors are an interlocking design (no screws or tools) which means a quick and easy installation with a flat surface that will not separate. Installed by professional, friendly and helpful crew our dance floors are recognised as the smartest in the industry.

Sizes: There is a simple equation which enables you to calculate exact dance floor size requirement: Multiply the number of guests attending by 2. Square route this figure to give you the size of dance floor needed. i.e. 150 guests x 2 = 300, square rooted = 17.3 so you would require a 18ft x 18ft dance floor (6m x 6m)



Sparkly LED Black or White Dance Floor

The pure black or white LED or black and white striped dance floor with 4 controllable channels is perfect for lying beside Star cloths and other similar effects (internal use only). This spectacular floor is certainly the focal point of any function and creates that ‘WOW’ factor. The LED Dance floor panels are controlled by a controller which is supplied with every floor.

Pixel LED Dance Floor

We are one of the first companies to stock LED Pixel floors. Each floor is computer controlled and incorporates ‘any colour’ LEDs which are individually controlled – basically producing a very large, low resolution TV dancefloor! This enables us to produce breathtaking graphics, animations, videos and images on the dancefloor. The LED Pixel floors are the first ‘flat’ low resolution video floors – all previous video floors have been raised by several inches which causes trip hazards – the LED Pixel floor is standard dance floor height! The overall result is breathtaking – spectacular for corporate launch events or weddings where you would like specific logos or images to be demonstrated. Our control equipment can work with most video or photo file types including avi, mp4 and JPEGs. (for images and videos we recommend the floor to be a minimum of 16ft x 16ft). 

Hot Pink Dancefloor With White Led Lights

This dance floor was one of the first of its kind in the UK. The hot pink dance floor with sparkly led lights is perfect for lying beside Star cloths and other similar effects.  This spectacular pink floor is certainly the focal point of any event and creates that ‘WOW’ factor. The led dance floor panels are controlled by a controller which is supplied with every floor.

Illuminated 70's Nightfever Dance Floor

The ultimate themed dance floor…LED controlled dance floors create the ultimate impact. Each panel is fully controllable enabling us to create any pattern and colour. The overall effect is spectacular and fantastic for themed nights. The dance floors are raised 8 inches and come in 1m panel sections.

Video LED Dance Floor

We are one of the few companies in the UK to now stock VIDEO LED dance floor – unlike conventional LED floors that simply flash in sequence, this modular floor system can display a stream of stunning moving images, animations and live, or recorded video footage. The system can be arranged in a variety of sizes and shapes and can display logos and text, making it ideal for both private and corporate events.  Imagine walking on a low definition TV screen and you get some idea of what this product can deliver. The Video Floor System slots neatly into their extensive portfolio of event equipment and is equally effective as a funky dance floor, stunning catwalk or as a way of underlining a theme or promoting a message. 

Black and White Dance Floor

Black and white dance floors add an unparalleled touch of class to any event. The high gloss finish reflects light beautifully creating a stunning impact. Our black and white floors come complete with non slip aluminium edging.

Black or White Dance Floor

We are one of the few companies in the UK who carry stock of all black or all white dance floors. Stunning for themed events, the highly reflective surface creates a fantastic effect when light. Complete with non slip aluminium edging.

Mirror Dance Floor (silver or gold)

These magical and elegant mirror dance floors are bespoke made for every event and sure to get your guests talking. Add to this unique product our circular mirror bars and mirror furniture and your whole venue doubles in size. The flooring is available in either silver or gold mirror effect and can be made in to any shape and size to suit your requirements. This dance floor is 100% safe and is replaced after each hire. 

Oak Parquet Dance Floor

The traditional dance floor. 3ft x 3ft sections are made from strong oak parquet with a smart varnished surface complete with non slip aluminium edging.


Whether you are staging a concert, organising a conference or simply want a stage for a band or discotheque we can provide various shapes, heights and sizes. We have invested heavily over the years in Alu-Rapid staging which lock together with a unique levelling system ensuring a professional and neat finish. On top we can lay any colour carpet or solid acrylic. Each deck is 2m x 1m with strong load capacity of 775kg per sq metre. On higher stages we fix steps, hand rails and if required ramps. Our designers can create circular staging, automated and moving stages and our outdoor dome stages provide the perfect solution for outdoor concerts.