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Crime Scene Investigation Team Building Activity

A body has been discovered in suspicious circumstances! Your venue is turned into an incident room and the delegates are now the detectives!! Wearing forensic investigator suits, they have to unravel what led to the death and who is the prime suspect. Led by real Scotland Yard trained detectives, the evidence will build through the course of the event as they analyse witness statements, bank and phone records, CCTV and police intelligence to create the timeline of events. They will also use real forensic techniques, visiting the crime scene, searching for further clues. Here the will dust for finger-marks and use odontology, shoe mark analysis and DNA to compare against the main suspects. The teams then present their timelines and theories and hear from the suspects in interview. The closest team to the truth will be the winners!!

Example Itinerary

•       Introductions from our detective presenter

•       Guests split into teams

•       Examine the initial evidence and suggest lines of enquiry

•       Review full evidential package together as a team

•       ‘Suit up’ into real forensic coveralls, attend the crime scene, search for clues, take fingerprints, powder for finger marks,

         hear from witnesses, obtain custody samples from suspects including shoe marks and odontology.

•       Compare to evidence at the crime scene, produce and present team theory and hear from suspects in police interview.

•       Debrief and winning team announced!


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