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Hot Rods Team Building Activity For Hire

1hrs – 3.0 hrs activity - (suitable for 10 – 200 guests, indoors)

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it!, is to build a section of the Hot Rods track to a very specific criteria, using only the materials provided. However, you must earn your equipment by completing all of the challenges in your Track Challenge pack!


Completed challenges are handed in to our parts department in exchange for your materials. Your track must meet all criteria including, height of your start & finish and the length of your track. Will your car make it across the track to make your team victorious?


What Can It Be Used For:

  • Conference afternoon team building

  • Conference Ice Breaker or energiser

  • New team development

  • Merging companies or team

  • Departmental away days



  • To provide a light-hearted opportunity for individuals to work together

  • Promote creativity and breakdown inhibitions

  • To learn new skills as part of a team



  • Team spirit & healthy competition

  • Creativity & time management

  • Logical problem solving & tactical thinking

  • Communication, co-ordination & leadership

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