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Rollercoaster Build a Rollercoaster Team Build For Hire

45 minute to 2hrs Activity - (suitable for 10 – 400 guests, indoors)

This collaborative event is a rollercoaster of an activity!

Working in small teams, you will first have to solve some puzzles in order to ‘earn’ your building materials for the activity ahead. Then you’ll be tasked with creating a section of rollercoaster track with rods and cable ties. Your incredible feat of engineering needs to be strong enough to propel a football along it, whilst adhering to our strict building regulations – beware the building inspectors, they will be out in force!

Ultimately, teams will join their sections together to make one giant rollercoaster for a fun football-rolling finale! It’s a team effort, and communication between teams - for hints, tips and technical knowledge – is both encouraged and necessary!

Rollercoaster will help enhance team work, ability to prioritise, problem solving, time management, organisation, creative thinking and leadership under time restraints.


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