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Team Tournament Team Building Activity For Hire

2.0 hrs –3.0 hrs activity - (suitable for 10 – 200 guests, Indoors or outdoors)

Teams visit different activity areas where they compete head to head on various team building challenges. Activities are varied to suit all skills and are specially designed to encourage attributes such as communication, logic, co-ordination, problem solving, creativity and team spirit. So there’s something for everyone. Points will be awarded depending on teams’ performance in all activities and the overall winners will take to the podium to receive their medals!


The Challenges:


Opening Ceremony (Creative)

Every tournament needs a dazzling opening ceremony with some memorable icons. We pay tribute to the Olympic opening ceremony with some creative activities:



Teams must appoint a team mascot and then fashion a suitable costume for them.


Tournament Torch

A fun, practical round where teams must make a tournament torch using modelling balloons.


Street Sports

You don’t have to be an athlete to get competitive! We have some fun street-style games including:


Tiddlywink Olympics

Enthusiasts have been campaigning for years for Tiddlywinks to be included in athletic tournaments, so we’ve added them to ours!


Sport Stacking

The phenomenon made famous by its popularity on YouTube. Teams race against the clock and each other to stack cups in set sequences.


Mental Gymnastics

Teams give their minds a work out with some logical and problem solving activities:


Olympic Rings

Teams must solve the slide puzzle to depict the iconic Olympic Rings.


Medal Detector

A communication and problem solving challenge where teams must share information and analyse the evidence in order to solve the mystery of who stole the missing medals.


Let’s Get Physical

Teams get active in some physical challenges:


Wii Are the Champions!

Teams compete in sports on the Wii or Xbox Kinect, played on a big screen.


Mini-Bike Match Sprint

Just like on the Olympics only this cycle match sprint pursuit will be held on the silliest little bikes you’ve ever seen!

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